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Terms and Conditions of Meeting Room Reservation

Reservation: The reservation of the meeting room is confirmed only upon receipt and confirmation by our Impact Foundation’s team. Reservations are processed based on the room availability and according to the request arrival order.
Cancellation: Any reservation cancellation must be communicated to our team at least 48 hours before the scheduled meeting date.
Use of the Room: The reserved meeting room can only be used for the specified agreed activities. Any other use is not allowed.
Liability: The organization responsible for the reservation is held accountable for any material damage or loss occurring during the use of the meeting room.
Hours of Use: The hours of use of the meeting room must correspond to the specified reservation hours.
Cleaning: It is the responsibility of the organization reserving the meeting room to leave it in a clean and orderly condition after use.
Compliance with Regulations: All activities conducted in the meeting room must comply with the applicable laws and regulations. Our organization reserves the right to refuse or cancel a reservation if it deems that the planned activities are not compliant with these requirements.
By submitting this form, you agree to these terms and conditions of reservation.

Meeting Room Reservation Form
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