(July – October 2016)

“U Debate Clubs” is a four-month project (July – October 2016) implemented by Impact Foundation for research and Development and funded by The European Endowment for Democracy. It aims at reinforcing the communicative and argumentative capacities of university students in Gafsa to make their voices heard. The main objectives of this project is to promote the culture of dialogue, to tackle issues of concern in the region of Gafsa, and to produce feasible recommendations to decision makers.
“U Debate Clubs” comprises two stages: a training in communication and debate techniques in favor of the selected group of students and a debate competition. Six groups of students representing six higher education institutions of the University of Gafsa benefited of the project. Eighteen students in total participated in the competition and their performance are shared in the website of the project. www.udebate.net
The debate competition orbits around three main themes: Extremism Prevention, Local

Development, and Higher Education reforms in Gafsa.

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